Leasing & Property Management

We manage your properties — so your properties don't manage you.


We understand that fielding those 3:00a phone calls when there's a toilet leak is ... inconvenient. And when you're out-of-town on a business trip or a well-deserved vacation? That's why we're here!


Log into your account and see an up-to-the-second snapshot of your rental properties. Because we do everything electronically, you have 24/7 access to our files.


Request a sample management agreement for complete details!

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Property evaluation

Our first step together will be to establish a fair-market rental price for your property. We use a database with historical rental prices from thousands of local rentals. By comparing key pieces of information such as location, size, and year built, we can come up with an estimated market rental value.

We then closely monitor the traffic to the property, making sure that it is getting sufficient attention from interested renters.


We will get your unit cleaned and in good leasing condition. Prospective tenants should be impressed with your property from the moment they walk in.


We take care of all property showings.

Your property will be entered into the local MLS listing service. This gives a network of licensed Realtor® agents access to all the details they need to bring prospective tenants to your doorstep.

Your property will be advertised on:

  • http://www.realtor.com
  • http://www.austinhomesearch.com (if applicable)
  • http://realestate.sabor.com (if applicable)

Tenant screening

Getting the most return from your real estate investment means doing research upfront about prospective tenants.

Our tenant screens include:

  • Detailed application
  • Credit check
  • Criminal check
  • Eviction check
  • Rental history verification
  • Income verification

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We deal with all tenant communications so you don't have to interrupt your day.

If repairs are required, we'll coordinate with third-party vendors. Because we work with vendors frequently, we are often able to secure favorable rates on behalf of our owners.

Smaller expenses, such as toilet leaks, are paid for out of our reserve fund. For larger expenses, we will help negotiate with a vendor on your behalf.

Monthly Statements

We direct deposit rent into the owner's checking account every month. Direct deposit usually takes only 1-2 days to process.

Our statements are clear & concise. Each month you'll get an email from us detailing how much rent was collected, what the management fees were, and if applicable, what the vendor repair fees were. For each vendor repair, we'll scan the invoice and attach it to your email.

We keep digital copies of all work performed on your property, and record each debit or credit to your account in our online account management tool. We pride ourselves on accurate and efficient record-keeping.

Yearly Statements

We will send you (or your accountant) a 1099-MISC form with the total rental income you made in the tax year. This makes it easy to use TurboTax or TaxCut to send in your taxes.

Dedicated & Responsive

When hiring someone to manage your property, we believe it's important to find the right person. We recommend going with a management company with years of experience, someone who specializes in property management.

Be on the lookout for:

  • A real estate agent who just does property management "on the side". While they're usually nice people, they tend to burn out of the property management business quickly.
  • A "full service" real estate company. These companies often treat their property management clients as second-class citizens. Your management fees will never be as important to them as the $10k commission checks from buying and selling properties.

The number one complaint we hear about other property managers? "They just stopped responding to me!"

  • We love email and we're connected all the time via our smartphones. Have a question? Shoot us an email and get an immediate response.
  • Usually we can respond within minutes.
  • Response time guarantee: If you don't hear a response from us in 24 hours, we'll waive your management fees.

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Non-payment of rent

An eviction is a last resort for property owners. Good tenant screening practices should make evictions few and far between.

However, if an eviction is unavoidable, we will assist you:

  • Deliver Notice to Vacate
  • File suit to evict at the local Justice of the Peace court
  • Prepare documentation
  • Appear in court on your behalf
  • Request Writ of Possession from judge

Please note: we are not lawyers and we are not licensed to practice law. If your eviction requires legal counsel, you should seek the advice of a lawyer. In our experience, most local evictions in Texas do not involve lawyers as they are relatively straightforward proceedings.


The best way to handle evictions is to avoid them in the first place.

  • Rigorous tenant screening
  • Consistent application of fines for late-payment
  • Acceptance of many forms of payment, including credit cards
  • Where possible, negotiated voluntary move-out

Existing tenants

If your property is not currently under management with us and you have a tenant who is not paying rent, in most cases we can help you evict the tenant.

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Our Company

Rentflow™ Network is a full-service property management and leasing company, with offices in Austin and San Antonio.

We develop software to help property managers scale: we make investors confident by being super-communicators, and we keep tenants happy by providing timely response and follow-up to repair requests.

Our name is a concatenation of "Rent Workflow". We believe in adopting best-practices and building a system around them. We believe in the power of repeatable processes.

We've been in business since January of 2006.

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What are your coverage areas?

We manage properties in Austin and San Antonio.

Is Rentflow™ able to answer emails and phone calls within a reasonable time frame?

Yes, absolutely. We respond to all communication within 24-hours, though usually much sooner. Property emergencies are immediately triaged and handled as high priority.

Will you direct deposit rent into my checking account?

We always use direct deposit. Why waste your time waiting at a bank to deposit a check every month? We're here to make your life easier.

Is there enough staff to cover for vacations etc so that someone is always available to look after the properties on your books?

Yes, of course! In addition to your property manager, we have staff to help handle tenant repair requests & vendor relations. In addition, we work frequently with other Realtors and handymen, plumbers, and electricians to handle any emergencies that may arise.

Do you perform a physical property inspection prior to rental / occupancy?

We perform a physical property inspection prior to occupancy. When possible, we take photographs to document "before" and "after". In addition, tenants are required to fill out a property condition form. If left blank, the tenant is committing that the property was in good condition when they moved in.

Do you use the TAR lease application and lease agreement?

We use the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) lease application and lease agreement. This is important because, in a worst-case scenario, if you are at the Justice of the Peace court doing an eviction, your lease agreement must withstand scrutiny by a judge. Standard TAR leases are written by the Texas Association of Realtors legal team and are written with the interests of the owner in mind. We have seen many types of leases over the years from other management companies, but the worst (aside from not having a written lease) are the ones that are just downloaded off of some random site on the internet.

Who does your maintenance work? Is it an in-house deal or do you work with professionals? I have run into problems with flaky maintenance as well as being over charged for things.

We hire low-cost professional vendors to solve maintenance problems. We keep a database of vendors that we work with, and we track their performance and cost across all of our properties. Our philosophy is to always choose the lowest bidder, so long as they will get the work done properly.

We disapprove of the idea of "in-house" maintenance — it creates a conflict of interest for the property manager. Your property manager owes you fiduciary duty, ie. he or she should always put the owner's financial interests first. Companies that provide in-house maintenance have to decide whether they will put their own financial interest ahead of the owner's financial best interest.

My tenant isn't paying their rent. Can you help me with an eviction?

Almost always we can assist, the details depend on the lease and the tenant situation. Contact us and we'll try our best to help out.

How many properties does Rentflow™ manage?

We don't give out specifics, due to the competitive nature of the business. However we can tell you that we are a relatively small property management company — this is good for our owners because it means we can spend more time on each property (as opposed to companies where one manager tries to handle hundreds and hundreds of properties).

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It is the duty of the Property Manager to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation, and unethical practices in property management.

  • 1-1 The Property Manager shall endeavor to eliminate in the community, through the normal course of business,any practices which could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the profession.
  • 1-2 The Property Managers shall assist the governmental agency charged with regulating the practices of property Managers.
  • 1-3 The Property Manager shall comply with all local and state ordinances regarding real estate law, licensing, insurance, and banking.
  • 1-4 The Property Manager shall not knowingly, during or following the relationship of their professional relationships with their clients or their tenants, reveal confidential information of the clients or tenants. The Property Manager must take all pre-cautions in keeping information in regard to owners and tenants reasonably secured to prevent identity theft.
  • 1-5 The Property Manger shall use reasonable efforts to be sure that information on their websites is current. If it becomes apparent that information on the website is not current, then the Property Manager shall promptly take corrective action.
  • 1-6 The websites of the Property Manager shall not contain any deceptive metatags or other devices/methods to direct, drive, or divert Internet traffic or to otherwise mislead customers. The websites shall also not manipulate listing content in any way that produces a deceptive or misleading result.


The Property Manager shall not discriminate in the rental, lease, or negotiation for real property based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or handicap and shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws concerning discrimination.

  • 2-1 It is the duty of the Property Manager to educate those with whom the Property Manager is affiliated with to comply with all fair housing laws.


The Property Manager has a fiduciary responsibility to the Client and shall at all times act in the best interests of the Client.

  • 3-1 The Property Manager shall use a written management agreement outlining all responsibilities and fees. The Client will be provided a copy and the Property Manager will maintain a copy.
  • 3-2 The Property Managers shall communicate regularly with the Client and provide written reports of receipts and disbursements on a regular and agreed upon basis. In the event of any dispute, the Property Manager shall provide a written accounting as soon as practical.
  • 3-3 Tenant applications shall be reviewed and verified in order to determine the Applicant’s ability to pay and to determine the likelihood that the Applicant will comply with all provisions of the rental agreement.
  • 3-4 The Property Manager shall accept no commissions, rebates, profits, discounts, or any other benefit which has not been fully disclosed to and approved by the Client.
  • 3-5 The Property Manager shall not mislead owners with the market value of the property, in an attempt to secure a listing.


The Property Manager shall treat all Tenants professionally when applying for, living in, and vacating a managed residence. The Property Manager shall hold a high regard for the safety and health of those lawfully at a managed property.

  • 4-1 The Property Manager shall offer all Applicants a written application.
  • 4-2 The Property Managers shall provide all Tenants with a copy of the signed rental agreement with all addenda.
  • 4-3 The Property Manager shall make all disclosures as required by state and local laws and provide the Tenant an opportunity to complete a written condition report at the time of moving in.
  • 4-4 The Property Manager shall respond promptly to requests for repairs.
  • 4-5 Within the time prescribed by law, a written deposit refund determination shall be provided to the Tenant after they have vacated the property. No undue delay in refunding or accounting for the security deposit shall take place.
  • 4-6 The Property Manager shall avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, misinformation, or concealment of pertinent facts relating to the advertisement, leasing, and management of the property.


The Property Manager shall manage all properties in accordance with safety and habitability requirements of the local jurisdiction.

  • 5-1 The Property Manager shall not manage properties for Clients who refuse or are unable to maintain their property in accordance with safety and habitability requirements of the local jurisdiction.


The Property Manager shall hold all funds received on behalf of others in compliance with state law with full disclosure to the Client and must never commingle the firm’s or personal funds with those of the Client.


The Property Manager must provide accurate information within his area of expertise, but refrain from the unauthorized practice of other professions, including but not limited to the law, accounting, financial planning, construction, and contracting.

Article 8: DUTY TO FIRM

The Property Manager shall act in the best interests of their Employer/Broker.

  • 8-1 The Property Manager shall have no undisclosed conflict of interest with their Employer/Broker and shall notify their Employer/Broker immediately if a conflict should arise.
  • 8-2 The Property Manager shall receive no kickbacks, rebates, or any other benefits without full disclosure to Employer/Broker.
  • 8-3 The Property Manager may not take or use any proprietary documentation or client/tenant lists during or after relationship with Employer/Broker without express written consent from Employer/Broker.


The Property Manager shall refrain from criticizing competitors or their business practices.

  • 9-1 the Property Manager shall treat all competitors in a fair and professional manner and shall not knowingly engage in any practice or take any action against a competitor in an unbusiness like manner.
  • 9-2 The Property Manager shall not knowingly solicit competitor’s clients. This does not preclude the Property Manager from making general announcements. For purposes of this code, a general announcement may be defined as a general telephone canvass or a general mailing or distribution addressed to all prospects in a given geographical area or in a specific profession, business, club, organization, or other classification or group.
  • 9-3 In the event of a controversy between Property Managers with different firms, the Property Managers shall submit the dispute to mediation rather than litigate the matter.

Article 10: PRICE FIXING

The Property Manager shall not engage in the improper acts of price fixing, anti-trust, or anti-competition with other Property Managers.

  • 10-1 Unless the Property Manager is purchasing another property management company, fees, commissions, and compensations, shall not be discussed with other Property Managers. The Property Manager shall always seek to avoid the appearance of impropriety in these matters.
  • 10-2 The Property Manager’s fees, commissions, and compensations shall be determined by the Property Manager or the Property Manager’s Broker based upon, but not limited to, expertise, experience, and the cost of service or expense.


  • 11-1 The Property Manager shall strive to improve the property management profession and NARPM® by sharing with others their lessons of experience for the benefit of all.
  • 11-2 The Property Manager shall strive to be informed about relevant matters affecting the property management field on a local, state, and national level.
  • 11-3 The Property Managers shall maintain their real estate license by meeting continuing education requirements as set out by the state in which they work.
  • 11-4 NARPM® members shall abide by the NARPM® bylaws and any other guidelines approved by the Board and shall do no harm to the organization.

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